Profiles of Service: Michael DeLeon

Michael DeLeon is a filmmaker who travels around the country (on his own dime) and gives presentations on drug addiction at schools, community centers, hospitals, treatment programs and professional conferences. It’s personal for him on multiple levels – his own addiction resulted in 12 years of incarceration (he has been out of prison and clean since 2000); he’s also attended the funerals of numerous friends that have died from prescription drug and heroin overdoses.

His non-profit company is Steered Straight and it’s mission is to provide quality, real-life programming for middle and high school students so that they can avoid drug abuse and the criminal justice system. He has made two movies and garnered some quality media attention (but not enough, in my opinion). Michael has done all of this without fanfare, awards or payment. I am hoping that he one day gets all three. His heart is in the right place and his message is true.

His first film was The Kids Are Dying. Mr. DeLeon’s┬álatest movie is An American Epidemic and it is about the prescription drug and heroin problem which is scourging our nation. You can watch the trailer here.