Rutgers CAPS

I worked at Rutgers CAPS in New Brunswick as the Recovery Counselor and I oversaw the National Award winning Recovery Housing program. Rutgers was the first school in the world to have housing for students that are in recovery from alcohol and/or drug dependence. It is a program that I am extremely proud to have been a part of.

Rutgers Newark Counseling Center
The Rutgers Newark Counseling Center offers support to all Rutgers- Newark students, both full and part time in the areas of Alcohol & Other Drug Assistance, Individual Counseling, Psychiatric Services, Support Groups, Workshops, Crisis Intervention, and more. Special services are also available to Veterans in need of support.

Dr. Peter Krakoff

Pete Krakoff is a psychologist in New Brunswick, NJ. He has my highest recommendation. He can be reached at 732-763-9255.

Dr. Karen Opdyke

Dr. Opdyke is a psychiatrist who works in Oldwick, NJ. She is the rare psychiatrist who does not attempt to immediately medicate people.

Dr. Lou Baxter

Dr. Baxter is the former president of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). He has an outstanding understanding of medication assisted therapies. He consults for the NFL, is the head of the Dr.’s assistance program in NJ and served on the NJ Heroin and Other Opiate Task Force with me.

Eric Arauz
Eric Arauz is the best motivational speaker and mental health advocate that I have ever come across. Eric and I met at Rutgers in 1997 when we were both undergraduates. He has spoken and conducted trainings for me with my adolescent and adult clients at Integrity House, my English students at Elizabeth High School and my students at Rutgers University. We have served on the Governor’s Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse and he was the vice-chairman on the NJ Task Force on Heroin and Other Opiate Use. (Eric died on March 24, 2018. I am leaving this up here though. The PsychCongress created this wonderful memorial page: click here).

Addiction Professional

Addiction Professional is a magazine and website for people who work in the addiction field. Gary Enos is the tireless editor (full disclosure, he is a friend). Addiction Professional also helps run and organize the National Conference of Addiction Disorders (NCAD), which takes place every summer.

North Shore Recovery High School

North Shore Recovery High School is one of the top recovery high schools in the country. The principal is a highly dedicated woman named Michelle Lipinski. To learn more about the school, go to their website or read this article from MSNBC in 2012:

MSNBC Article on North Shore HS

If you are looking for one of the 30+ recovery high schools in America, this is the place to find them. ARS was co-founded by Lisa Laitman in 2000. They have a conference each summer.