Out-Patient Treatment

Hunterdon Drug Awareness Program
I worked at the Hunterdon Drug Awareness Program (HDAP) in Flemington from 2005 to 2010. I saw individual clients, wrote SAE’s, ran groups in the Hunterdon County Jail, created the Adolescent Program, spearheaded the creation of the annual graduation ceremony and ran 4 to 6 groups a week there. HDAP has the best combination of an Executive Director and Clinical Director that I’ve ever come across. It is, by far, the best IOP in NJ. I think so much of the program that I donate money to them now.

Summit Psychological Services

I can vouch for a number of the therapists that work for this program.

From their website: Summit Psychological Services (SPS) is a unique, multi-specialty psychotherapy practice serving northern and central New Jersey, New York City, and eastern Pennsylvania. We’re 19 exceptional—and exceptionally diverse—psychotherapists, united by our passion for helping people transform psychological struggle into personal growth.


What To Look For When You Look For An Out-Patient Program

(1) The executive and clinical director should have been there for more than a year.

(2) The have random, monitored urine screens for all clients.

(3) The offer both individual and group therapy.

(4) They support medication assisted therapy and psycho-tropic medications without pushing them.

(5) They urge clients to attend 12-step meetings and/or Smart Recovery.

(6) They have a family group at least once a week.

(7) A majority of their clinicians have masters level licenses.

(8) The clinicians who work there get weekly individual and group supervision.

(9) They engage in regular program evaluation and don’t claim lofty success statistics based on completing treatment.