Keynote Speaking – I speak at conferences on issues regarding substance abuse, recovery, treatment, military issues, criminal justice policy, college programs and a host of other areas. Contact me if you have special needs. If I don’t have the expertise, I’ll direct you to someone who does.

Professional Training – I conduct trainings for medical professionals, psychologists, social workers, professional counselors, alcohol & drug counselors and teachers. I have been certified by many different licensing boards and professional organizations, so it is very possible to get CEU credits attached to my trainings.

Curriculum Writing – I can design treatment and/or training programs according to your need. I have designed courses for training supervisors. I would very much like to design a certificate program for recovery counselors or specialists, since so many are untrained and unsupervised. I can also assist writing curriculum for high schools to educated students in health class throughout the year.

High School Assemblies¬†– I’ve presented at dozens of high schools around the East Coast. I’ve spoken to classes as small as 20 kids and to full schools ranging up to 850 students. I can present at urban schools or prep schools and everything in between. When discussing prescription drugs, marijuana or other substance problems, I usually bring a college student in recovery that can tell his/her story for 10 minutes and answer questions. I have a group of young professionals that I’ve trained that can conduct these trainings as well.

Middle School Assemblies – These are very similar to the high school assemblies, but the content is less sophisticated. I prefer to have my young professionals perform these trainings/outreach events, as I believe that 6th-7th-8th graders respond better to people between the ages of 22 and 27.

Recovery School Consultation РI can help create a Recovery High School or transition a current high school towards becoming one. I can do the same thing at the University level as well.

Policy Formation РI can help schools, universities, municipalities, counties and states develop (or improve) policies around education, substance prevention, substance treatment, recovery support, criminal justice and veterans affairs.

Program Development – I can improve your existing program.

Substance Abuse Evaluations – I write evaluations for 3rd parties, such as schools, universities, employers and the courts. I can write these within 24 hours of seeing the client. Drug screens are a mandatory part of my evaluations. I make careful recommendations for appropriate treatment.