Social Work Classes

Social Welfare Policy and Services I

Week 1

RU Online Log-In

Booker and marijuana

Isolation on college campuses

Week 2

Gov. McGreevey’s Re-Entry Blueprint

Flint Water Crisis

Week 3

Opioid Crisis Tool – PMP

Wasted Money

Insurance Denial Disaster

Week 4

Dying Art of Disagreement

Marriage Determines Social Class

Democrats Weren’t Always Super Liberal on Immigration

Ungrateful is the new uppity

I Understand Why They Knelt

NFL Protests: Civil Rights Protests Are Almost Always Unpopular at the Start

Week 5

States that are Dependent on the Federal Government

Housing First

The “Nigger Wake-up Call”

Week 8

Populism vs. Policy

University of Chicago and Free Expression

Education in the Age of Outrage

Senator Joe Vitale

  1. Fall 2014 Omnibus Heroin Bills
  2. 2016 Needle Exchange
  3. 2017 Screening for all NJ HS students
  4. Senator Vitale on DACA (go to 5:20 mark of video)

Week 10

America Fails Its Veterans

The History of Heroin

The Suboxone Problem

On The Death of My Patient

Week 11

Water Pipe Battle

Ralph Nader on Trump’s Anti-Consumer Policies

Son’s Death Inspires Father To Fight Addiction

Week 12

3 eight-minute videos from a speech by David Simon

The Citizen-Soldier: Moral Risk and the Modern Military

Be Thankful For Your Service

Discussion questions:

  1. Analyze President Reagan’s core beliefs about taxation, limited government, anti-communism, and supply-side economics.
  2. Discuss how President Reagan markedly devolved federal power to the states by folding 57 social programs into seven block grants.
  3. Discuss how the upward redistribution of resources and rights took place during the presidencies of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush.
  4. Discuss how President Bill Clinton co-opted Republican positions on taxes, crime, social programs, gun control, and gay rights in order to win re-election in 1996.



Senior Seminar 475

Week 1

2018 Presentation Matrix for Social Work Senior Seminar

2018 Power Point Presentation Sign up

2018 Integration Seminar 475 Syllabus

Orwell Article      Gopnik Article      Therapist Article

Are You Suffering Work Burn Out

Week 2

Prison Industrial Complex     Policy Article     Roadblock Article    Story

Week 3

Social Work Supervision      Synthetic Marijuana     Eyewitness Problem     Koch Brothers CJ Reform   Overturned Convictions

Week 4

Ethics     Frederick Douglass

Week 5

Partnership for Drug Free America      Paxil            Civil Forfeiture 

Can the President Destroy Criminal Justice Reformers?

History of Heroin                         

Where Are All the Social Workers Going?

Week 7

Legislative Fight     Suboxone     Marijuana     PMPs

Insurance Denial Disaster

Week 8: Prepare for Exam/Review All Assigned Readings

Week 9: Spring Break

Week 10: Exam

To The Parents Who Have Lost A Child

What Is Multi-Family Therapy

Week 11

On the Death of My Patient

Some Patients Die     Long Term Outcomes

Con Artists and Grifters

Week 12

Matt Curtis Letter to Editor     Post College Life       Quinones Interview

Week 13

How Not To Define Success        A Fair Chance After Conviction     For Those That Read New Jack – follow up to NY Prison System

Week 14

Multi-family Therapy      Sleep

Week 15

I’m Worried About My Grade In Your Class