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What can I do to help?

Am I suffering from work burn-out?


What is Multi-Family Group?

I would like to be a therapist. How do I become a therapist?

General Health

How can I treat my insomnia?

Friends, Families and Lovers

My kid has a drug problem. How do I help her?

I have a friend with a drug problem. How can I help him?

My friend died. How do I get through it?

My child died from a drug overdose. How do I go on?

Painkillers, Heroin and Other Opiates

Where can I read the 2014 NJ Heroin and Other Opiate Task Force report?

Are our heroin policies racist?

When will the government go after the pharmaceutical industry for pushing addictive painkillers?


What is the decriminalization of marijuana mean?

What is the history of marijuana laws in America?

What kind of ad campaigns are out there to raise awareness about the dangers of marijuana?


Can ADHD medications like Ritalin and Adderall cause long-term brain damage?

Are there any colleges that do a good job with treating ADHD?


What kind of problems do college counseling centers face?

What are the effects of Greek Life on campus (fraternities and sororities)?

Do you have data to back up your claims about the problems caused by Greek life?

How many sexual assaults really happen at college? What are some of the hidden problems?

What can be done about sexual assaults on campus?

Prescription Drugs

Why are prescription drugs so expensive?

Strange Drugs

What is powdered alcohol?

What is synthetic marijuana? What is synthetic weed? What is K2? What is spice?


What are Medication Assisted Treatments (MAT’s)?

Are there any medications that can help people with alcohol problems quit or stay quit?

What is Vivitrol?

Public Policy

What are Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PMP’s)?

Do PMP’s work?

Does Recovery High School work?

Does Governor Chris Christie understand addiction and support good policies?

Should I get a degree in Public Policy?

How long have insurance companies been denying payment for mental health and addiction treatment? Can anything be done about these insurance companies?

Any suggestions about advocacy work?

Criminal Justice Policy

Should we make college classes available to people in prison?

What should I read in order to know more about criminal justice policy?


What kind of obstacles to treatment do soldiers and veterans face?

What is the drinking culture like in the Army?

What is the relationship between divorce and suicide?

I hear people say “Thank you for your service” to veterans a lot. I read an article that said “Please don’t thank me for the service.” I don’t want to offend anyone. What should I say or do?


When was Alcoholics Anonymous founded?

Was Frederick Douglass really an alcoholic?

Should I get a recovery coach or sober companion?

Do you know any people that have been successful after being incarcerated?

Comic Books

Why is there a black Spiderman? Who is the black Spiderman?

Are there any strong female characters in comics?