Rutgers turns 249

I received a mass email from Rutgers President Francis Barchi today that started off with: “Today, Charter Day, officially begins our yearlong celebration leading up to the milestone 250th anniversary on November 10, 2016. We mark the day in 1766 when a charter was signed to establish a small private college that would eventually become Rutgers.”

The school is airing a 30-second spot which celebrates its history. You can see it here. I’m particularly proud of ADAP and the Rutgers Recovery House, the Mountainview Program, the Center of Alcohol Studies and the fact that we have Dr. Wise Young, one of the leading stem cell researchers in the world. Rutgers Newark is the most diverse campus in the country and has a recovery program as well.

Our University is not without flaws: the athletic programs hemorrhage money and constantly embarrass us, while the frats are a blight on the landscape. But our university has far more positive aspects and programs than negative ones.

I earned my BA in history and English from Rutgers College in 2001 and returned to get my Masters from the School of Social Work in 2006. I worked at the counseling centers from 2009 to 2014 and completed a Masters in Politics and Public Affairs from Bloustein in 2015. I have taught at the Summer School of Alcohol Studies since 2008 and the Rutgers School of Social Work since 2011. I am a proud alumnus and I love teaching there. I met at least half of the most important people in my life at Rutgers, and I chose to buy a house less than a mile from campus. It is woven into the fabric of my being and my life. The value of my degrees continue to increase. Coming to the banks was easily the 2nd best decision I ever made. Happy Birthday Rutgers.